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Crazy Kangaroo

#1 Candidasa Restaurant

(Sports) Bar

Our Bar welcomes guests to enjoy their drinks while listening to our daily live entertainment, watch sports with 2 big screens or play a nice Pool game & Darts. Our bar personnel is pleased to provide our guests all information needed about our wide variety of wines, cocktails and other drinks. We serve more than 30 different cocktails mixed with all kinds of fruits and liquor.

the unique flavours of fresh tropical fruits and juices in combination with a wide variety of famous liquor brands. For those who would like to enjoy a cocktail without alcohol, we also serve alcohol-free mocktails

Crazy Kangaroo


Crazy Kangaroo in Candidasa welcomes guests to have a wonderful and enjoyable dining experience in an elegant, romantic and relaxing atmosphere. We are pleased to welcome our guests to take place at the restaurants terrace, cocktail bar or in our beautiful tropical garden lounge. At Crazy Kangaroo, we are proud at our beautiful tropical garden, where our guests can relax and enjoy their dinner or drinks. The restaurant is surrounded by a nice fishpond with around hundred Koi and other various fish swimming in it.